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Brainport Avenue Cafe and Plan C

Donderdag, 28 November 2013

Last week the ‘Guided Choices towards a Circular Business Model’ were presented during the Brainport Avenue Cafe at De Lage Landen in Eindhoven. First we were welcomed by De Lage Landen and Joost Helms, alderman of Eindhoven, introduced our C2C BIZZ campaign with the quiz and the game. You can still find them on this website.

Then the authors, Douwe Jan Joustra, Frits Engelaer en Egbert de Jong explained their work, zapping through the clickable and interactive document. After that there was an official moment. First the idea was to hand over the workbook to Joost Helms, but because we decided not to have a hardcopy, we had to find another solution. De Lage Landen came up with the idea to prepare an email to all people present with the workbook and an explanation. By pushing one button, Joost Helms sent this email and people could immediately open the document on their mobile phones.

And just because I’m very happy with the result, again some information about the workbook. The ‘Guided Choices’ are meant to be a source of inspiration and support for small- and medium
enterprises (SME’s) to enter the circular economy. The focus is on the choices that companies need to make and questions they need to ask in their search for a circular business model. Note that there will be multiple solutions for the same problem; based on the given possibilities the best solution can be created. Of course the workbook can be found on this website.

The next part of the meeting was a guided tour in the BREEAM-certified building of De Lage Landen and of course the cafe ended with a drink.

Next Friday I will meet Douwe Jan Joustra again at a meeting, this time in Antwerp. Plan C is organising their ‘Community Day’ and they have Walter Stahel as their keynote speaker. Since he can be considered as the founder of the Circular Economy, I’m very interested in his presentation. Douwe Jan is also a speaker during this meeting and of course I hope he will mention our (and his) ‘Guided Choices’ and the C2C BIZZ campaign.


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