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Interesting brainstorm session on 'Diversity

Woensdag, 11 December 2013

Yesterday I was in Lille all day for the second and third brainstorm session for the C2C BIZZ diversity guideline. Like last time besides the C2C BIZZ partners other interested people were invited and three experts were present.
First Christine Guinebretière  from EPEA Paris told us about C2C governance. She emphasized the importance of stating intentions together with all stakeholders, to give direction to the governance. Then there were several presentations about governance and park management in Lille Métropole, on existing sites and on the future site La Lainière . Because translation was used, the speakers could speak in their own language and the result was that they could express themselves much better than usual. Therefore the presentations were very interesting and offered a lot of new information.
The morning brainstorm session was devoted to governance in favor of diversity. The questions to be answered where what to reach with governance, how to do it and the role of governance over time. We had some nice discussions and Jean-Marc from Ecoparc Windhof in Luxembourg told me he heard several interesting ideas that could be applied on his own business site.
After lunch there were two presentations, one about biodiversity on business sites and one about density and the use of scarce land. During the brainstorm ideas, chances and pitfalls for biodiversity and density were discussed. The question was if biodiversity and density can go together or not, but I’m not sure we answered this question. But we came up with some nice ideas to enhance density and biodiversity.
At the end of the day a lot of ideas and input were gathered and I think it will be a difficult task for  Lille Métropole to put them all in the C2C BIZZ diversity guideline.


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